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Hand Sanitizer: Indie Brands to the Rescue

Are you looking for hand sanitizer right now? I was just a short while ago. Today I wanted to share a quick blog post with Hand Sanitizer options for you. Indie brands to the rescue! Many indie brands are making or have hand sanitizer available for you to order now if you need it. Every brand mentioned is cruelty-free and some are vegan.

One quick note, hand sanitizer needs to be at least 60% alcohol to be effective.

Indie Hand Sanitizers

This is a new to me vegan indie brand. They’re selling multiple types starting at $7.95.

Cocoa Pink
Cocoa Pink is my favorite indie perfume brand. They’re making Suds Free Hand Wash at $7.99

Fortune Cookie Soap Co
They offer hand sanitizer at different price points. They’re not a favored brand of mine but this is a crisis and I want you to have as many options as possible available to you.

This is a Canadian indie company selling hand sanitizer starting at $5.43

My Pretty Zombie
My Pretty Zombie is one of my favorite gothic indie brands. They have  hand sanitizer starting at $2. (code myprettyphyrra)

Ofra Cosmetics
Ofra is a successful indie brand based in Miami. They’re currently selling two types of sanitizer. (code PHYRRA)

Rebels & Outlaws
Rebels & Outlaws is an indie beauty brand by Jeremy Meek and James Vincent, two friends of mine. They are selling their Magick Hands Conditioning Hand Sanitizer is $15 and available.

Rituel de Fille
Rituel de Fille is my favorite luxury indie beauty brand and they are selling hand sanitizer at 3 different price points right now. $5.48 (at cost), $7.23 (at cost + overhead), $9.99 (at cost + overhead + support RdF)

Vitners Reserve
This is a new to me indie skincare and perfume house. They have hand sanitizer starting a $3.50

Cleaning Products

While not hand sanitizer, I did also see that Silk Naturals is offering a cleaning product that you mix with water. (code phyrra18)

If you need soaps, Aromaleigh has handmade soap.

Helpful Resources

If you’re struggling with staying at home, I created a Stay at Home guide here with ideas on things to do at home. It has virtual tours of museums, parks and more listed, as well as free educational resources. I talk about why I’m staying at home right now during these times. If you’re struggling, I highly recommend you try gratitude journaling for a month and see how you feel after that.

Are you starting to DIY stuff at home now? Join the PhyrraNyx Facebook! We have professionals in the PhyrraNyx Facebook Group in hair, skin and nails, along with very talented DIY experts too. The group is focused on life after 30, cruelty-free products, goth lifestyle and fashion, vibrant colors, makeup swatches, makeup looks, and regular tips to improve your world. It has a solid mod team to keep it drama free. Please be sure to answer the questions when you join.

Are there other places selling hand sanitizer that I should add to this list? Are there other things you need help with? Let me know!

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Last Updated on March 24, 2020



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