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Saturday Surfing, February 15th, 2020

purrfect socksWhat’s up, Caturday?

Good morning, my sweet! Happy Saturday. 😊

Crazy cat lady moment: aren’t these the cutest CCL socks? They’re a Valentine’s Day gift from El Hub, and I gotta say, when he gets it right, he *REALLY* gets it right.

I’m pretty sure Tabs briefly dated the kitty model on these socks…

purrfect socks

So, don’t laugh, but I’m heading to Target in a few because I’m in the mood for a pale pastel pink polish, so I’m thinking either Buns Up or Crop Top and Roll from the Essie Expressie line will do the trick.

I might be a little obsessed. 🙀

While I contemplate the life-changing nature of quick-drying nail polish, you can catch up on your reading for the week.

[embedded content]
Connor’s fourth (!) birthday is coming up in March, which means I’ll probably cry tears of nostalgia as I watch this…

[embedded content]
Welcome to the soundtrack of my pre-teen and teenage years (I played A LOT of Chopin on the piano).

[embedded content]
The song I’ve been listening to first thing in the morning

Oh, and let me know what you think of the last video (the Sigrid song). I’m getting Adele vibes from it.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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