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Saturday Surfing, February 8th, 2020

essie second hand first loveEssie Expressie Nail Polish in Second Hand, First Love

Welcome to the weekend, my friend!

Time to rest and recharge your batteries (hopefully!). For me, that means painting my paws, because when my paws are painted, the stars are in alignment. Mercury avoids retrograde. Pluto becomes a planet again… I feel so naked these days because we can’t wear nail polish to work at the bakery for food handling reasons. So the first thing I like to do on my days off is paint my nails. 💅

Last night I did a quick mani before bed with one of the new Expressie quick-drying polishes from Essie (grabbed it at Target last night for $9). They have a built-in base, color and top coat and, allegedly, they’re supposed to dry in one minute… Took more like 5 though, which is still pretty good, considering there’s a base and top coat up in the mix. I’m wearing two coats of rosy pink called Second Hand First Love on my fingers.

I like the smoothness and opacity. It looks even from base to tip, sans streaks, and the finish is super shiny and almost gel-like. Two coats was perfect.

No nicks yet as of this morning, but quick-drying polishes are notorious for chipping easily, so I’m not holding onto any illusions that it’ll last more than a few days…but who knows? Hopefully Expressie will prove that wrong.

Either way, it was just what my nails needed for a quick fix.

You know what else I need to do right now? Finish this cup of coffee! 😊

That means it’s time for Saturday Surfing.

[embedded content]
The gal in the black dress and glasses is my hero.
[embedded content]
Eyeliner tips for hooded lids: YES, PLEASE
[embedded content]
So fun. And I love Lizzo’s blue eye makeup, swoon!
[embedded content]
I want to wear this look to Costco (FOR REAL).
[embedded content]
Wish we were here
[embedded content]
I want all the notebooks
[embedded content]
This is the song stuck in my head at the moment.
[embedded content]
The world’s smallest cat
[embedded content]
The secret to keeping a new habit? Start small.

Are you doing anything this weekend to refill your well?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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